Friday, 20 May 2011



Happiness uplifts me
Happiness fills my heart, my mind, and my soul

Happiness gives me the strength I need
Happiness is a great feeling that
Enters my mind
Happiness takes the sorrow away

Happiness fills my life with joy
Happiness makes me feel happy, excited, 
And thrilled

Happiness warms my heart
It gives you a sense of relief

Happiness welcomes me

Happiness can be seen by a smile
And in my eyes
Twinkling with shine

Happiness is a very beautiful feeling
Which allows me to enjoy 
Every day to the fullest 

Things That Make Me Happy

Learning from my past mistakes
Laughing with my friend and just being silly
Learn something new
Enjoying nature
Long ride biking (convoying)
Road trip with friend
Someone respected my opinion
A girl wearing glasses
Debt free and not owing people
Cooking my favourite food successfully
A gift from somebody especially from my parent
Teaching somebody
Successfully tweaking my laptop
Given any chance
Support from my friend
Make my parent and friend proud of me
Drawing cartoons
Servicing vehicle without complain
Make annoying people realize
Touge driving(driving at hillroad)
Got back the thing I lost
CCC (Combination of Coffee and Cigars)
Watching movies
Hear a music
Making silly jokes
Make someone happy

Huh tak tau la nk tulis ape lg
Actually byk lg ni..

Muhammad Rafiee

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